Violence is something that hits hard and fast. It nails you from out of nowhere like being broad sided by a car. Most street assaults and violent one on one robberies are won, lost, or over, one way or the other in less time than it took you to read this paragraph......Which means 3 to 10 seconds. The harsh reality is that violence has to be dealt with in real terms.

The reality of learning martial arts is that most systems take a long time to learn. Often times it takes years of training to become proficient enough to use in a self defense situation. Combatives however can be extremely effective in a short amount of time under proper guidance and training.

To understand why Close Quarter Combatives work you first have to understand what actually happens to your body when you encounter a violent and potentially deadly situation.

At your resting heart rate everything in your sympathetic nervous system is performing normally. But when frightened your fine or complex motor skills deteriorate.

Complex motor skills are multi-muscle involved movements as found in all martial arts. Interestingly enough at about 115 to about 145 beats per minute is the optimal survival and combat performance level for complex motor skills. At 145 beats per minute, your complex motor skills immediately begin to deteriorate.

At 175 beats per minute the ONLY movement ability you have left is gross-motor skills. This gross motor skill level is exactly where Close Quarter Combatives operate. The gross motor skill driven techniques can still be performed perfectly and effectively under any level of fear induced combat stress.

PROFESSIONAL EDGE COMBATIVES is a joint collaboration of professionals in the field. These men are former and current law enforcement personnel who also served in the military. They are friends and associates that are experienced, highly trained and knowedgeable in dealing with violent encounters.

PROFESSIONAL EDGE COMBATIVES teach you how to protect yourself from a violent encounter utilizing some of the same close quarters combat hand to hand fighting techniques used by military, law enforcement and government agencies.

Get the edge on the bad guys, get a Professional Edge. Train at PROFESSIONAL EDGE COMBATIVES TODAY.